Benship Hungary Ltd.

Benship Hungary Ltd. was established in 2014 in order to satisfy the increasing demand concerning the quality of freight and forwarding services. Our goal is to create new quality in freight and forwarding by putting our experience of several decades in nautical and commercial as well as inland and marine shipping, road, railway and air freight at the service of our clients.


Rent a boat Budapest

Budapest River Cruises – Danube Speedboat tours -Private Motorboat Cruises on the Danube with skipper! Our motorboat rental and pleasure boat service company were created by our love for water and nature and of course our passion for shipping. We believe that the experience of yachting should be enjoyed by everyone and that there is a touch of luxury for everyone. We are happy to help you with this. Experience the boating feeling with us! Cruising with us is more than a simple boat ride.

Kláris Publishing House and Artistic Workshop Ltd.

Publisher of anthroposophical and pedagogical books. The publisher was founded in 2002 in order to support the work of Waldorf-teachers and parents by publishing literature which was unavailable in Hungary at the time.



Earlier tenants on our boat:

CerTrust Ltd.

CerTrust Ltd. works on the fields of conformity assessment procedures of explosive materials and technical expertise related to the transportation of dangerous goods. Our organisation is registered by the European Commission under the identification number 2806 as a Notified Body according to Directive 2013/29/EU (Pyrotechnics) and 2014/28/EU (Explosives for civil use – in progress). Our experts have decades of experience in production, research and development of pyrotechnic articles and explosives and more than 10 years of experience in conformity assessment procedures of explosive materials.


MIÁSZ Magyar Ital és Áruautomata Szövetség

A Magyar Ital- és Áruautomata Szövetség 1994. október 24-én alakult huszonhárom alapító taggal, iparágunk reprezentatív képviselőinek közreműködésével, már több mint húsz éve képviseli az automatás iparág érdekeit. A szakmához, azaz az automata üzletághoz nem csak az automata készülékek ill. alkatrészek gyártói, hanem azok forgalmazói, valamint üzemeltetői, és a töltőtermékeket előállító és forgalmazó vállalatok, valamint a fizetőrendszereket és poharakat gyártó és szállító cégek is hozzátartoznak.


"Ren Design" Kft

Interior Desing


Unilub Ltd.

Lubricant wholesaler company.


Fair Hydro Ltd.

Design and engineering of boats and harbours. Complex adminisrative realisation of projects. 



Ternario R & D Kft.

Researcher and developer company.


Engineering service provider company.


Bp2017 Világbajnokság Szervező és Lebonyolító Nonprofit Kft.

Organizing committee of the The 2017 World Aquatics Championships.


Future Horizon Kft.

As property owners ourselves we learned what owners and tenants needed, desired and demanded. Our team of professionals can take over any project at any stage and make the best of it to our clients’ demand because we understand the value of responsiveness and preventative maintenance.



Investment and financial advisor company.

The money thrown in through the window.