Ecoboat project

We have to take care of our Earth, and to maintain it in order to provide living space for humanity for centuries to come. One of the possible ways of preserving the Earth is to use renewable energies available to us.

The boat floats continuously on streaming water, the flowing energy of the Danube is continuously available to us. No shadow is cast on the boat, on sunny days the sun-rays are reaching the boat without obstacles. The valley of the Danube is windy, as nothing stands in the way of the wind. The warmth and the coldness of the water of the Danube are suitable for heating and cooling. The water can be cleaned, in order to use it for drinking or other purposes: washing up the dishes, flushing the toilet.

Those questions have been investigated in the years 2006-2008 by a research group. They have been contacting experts in those fields. They have chosen from the variety of existing solutions those, which were likely to be feasible and also economically reasonable. The results has shown, that the regulation of the heating / cooling by individual rooms as the smallest unit make the effective usage of the energy possible. The heat trap is very efficient, where the glass windows of the conference room gather the hot air and the hot air is directed through pipes, moved by ventilators into the much cooler rooms of the boat.

About the solutions:

The works has not been finished yet, the owner of the Ecoboat and an inventor engineer are planning to build a prototype of a promising water turbine invention.